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Body Composition Analysis

You know what they say, "you start from where you stand." You can get a complete overview of your body composition, from body mass index, to body fat, to how much load your head is applying to your spine due to your posture.

Postural/Movement Assessments

Determine if your body has static or dynamic malalignments that are contributing to joint or muscle pain, stiffness, or recurring injuries. Our online Assessment allows you to complete without leaving your home, and you will receive a detailed analysis of what muscles are dysfunctional, and how to correct it.

Corrective Exercise Prescription

Corrective Exercise is the process of re-establishing proper arthrokinematic movements which allow for optimal joint range of motion, muscular force output, and a stronger, more mobile body

What else I PROVIDE

Body Composition Assessment

Our unique virtual tools will provide you an overview of your body composition, from lean muscle mass, fat mass, body mass index, and even your body fat percentage

Video Tutorials

Each Corrective Exercise plan has access to the video tutorial database to ensure each exercise is done properly and effectively.

Educational Resources

My blog is updated several times per week to keep you up to date on the latest health news and exercise information

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Schedule an Online Postural/Movement Assessment

Receive a consultation to help you determine the most effective methods of exercise


My focus is helping clients re-establish optimal length-tension relationships, which in physiology of muscle movement, there is an optimal resting length of the muscle fibers that allows its greatest force output.  When we experience injuries or altered movement patterns, we disrupt this relationship hindering the muscles ability to create maximum force contraction.

  • Optimal Length-Tension Relationships
  • Optimal Force-Couple Relationships
  • Optimal Neuromuscular Efficiency
Postural Movement Assessments
Identify Over Active and Under Active Muscles
Corrective Exercise Prescription To Correct Imbalance
Integrate Functional Movement Patterns to Restore Muscular Balance


About me

Hi, and thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Darren Stroh, and I am a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist licensed through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I completed my Master’s Degree in Corrective and Rehabilitative Exercise from the California University of Pennsylvania in 2014.  

Growing up with an asymmetrical pelvis due to a 1 inch longer left femur, injury and joint pain has been a common part of my life.  My mission is to help people understand how altered movement patterns that were created from previous neuromuscular dysfunctions have led to current joint pain and muscle injuries. 

"Anyone out there with issues physically, looking to improve their health, quality of life, movement patterns etc I would highly recommend Darren. I have known and worked with him for over 10 years and his expertise and knowledge is second to none."
Chad Brooke
BC Gymlife

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