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I specialize in helping people achieve their strongest self, by restoring the body to optimal force capability through my Optimal Performance Mode.  This program corrects neuromuscular dysfunctions and strengthens the body as a single kinetic chain of movement allowing for a stronger functional capacity.  This OPM is how you will build the core strength required to improve your physical performance and achieve your health and fitness goals whether its being stronger for your children or any activity you engage in.  If you don’t build a strong foundation, soon enough you will expose the cracks and enter the injury zone.  Let me help you achieve more!

Your Certified Trainer

Personalized Health Assessment

This process includes a general health and lifestyle questionnaire, Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, and possible medical clearance.

Postural/Movement Assessments

Utilizing our postural and movement screening app, I can identify postural dysfunctions in your human movement system that is contributing to joint pain or hindering your performance

Neuromuscular Dysfunctions

Throughout life, to adapt to variable stresses, we alter our basic movement and postural patterns, creating muscular imbalances both in posture and dynamic movement.

Identify Overactive Muscles

Altered movement patterns exist when our CNS draws upon other muscles to support our functional movement system when primary muscles are not adequate to meet the demands

Identify Weakened Muscles

Under active muscles lessen the stability of a joint location, forcing adjoining muscles to become overactive to offset the muscular inefficiency that is occurring.

Functional Integration

Once all muscles are individually working at their optimal capacity, through Motor Learning our CNS can begin to recruit the necessary muscles to complete a joint action optimizing our force output.

What is opm?

Optimal Performance Mode (OPM) is very much like an engine that has cylinders, firing back and forth that create power which enable the car to move.  Our muscle fibers have little cylinders, called Sarcomeres, and each one of these units are able to contract (shorten) to allow our bones to move against resistance.  Just as a motor that has a cylinder that is unable to fire results in loss of power, a Sarcomere that does not contract also diminishes our muscular force output.  These muscular “adhesions” that occur in the Sarcomere result from overstress to a muscle and in order to prevent further injury or damage, this unit will “seize” and lock up.  OPM restores each Sarcomere to its normal capacity to allow for optimal force output from that muscle fiber.

what is corrective exercise?

Choosing to become a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist was important to me being that most people over the age of 40 have developed altered movement patterns and typically have one or several joint problems.  Engaging in a traditional weight training program without first identifying neuromuscular dysfunctions will just add to potential injuries down the road.

WE are creatures of movement

“Our bodies operate in a manner that must be determined through our central nervous system; what forces or resistance our body is being subjected to, and what is the desired outcome or movement our body wishes or needs to perform. At this point, our body is designed in a manner that requires each joint to be properly aligned and mobile to not hinder the mobility of another acting joint. Any breakdown of one joint can create a disruption or dysfunction of another joint in our kinetic chain.”

Can't Find Time To Train?

20 minute Workouts On Your Time

We all lead busy lives, and finding the time to go to the gym can sometimes almost be impossible.  Utilizing my certifications, I have developed workouts that help you strengthen your muscular and cardiovascular endurance, all within a 20 minute workout that you can do on your own time, in the comfort of your own home, with just a single kettlebell.  Each workout is constructed in a HIIT fashion (high intensity interval training) that can be tailored to your fitness level.  I provide modifications of most exercises to allow almost anyone the ability to perform these exercises in a safe and effective manner.


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“20 years of doing personal training, training high school and college athletes; I have never met talked to, or worked with ANYONE who has the knowledge, understanding and expertise that Darren has.”

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“We must understand that we rarely move in an isolated manner; but a series of interconnected movement patterns through multiple planes of motion.”

– Darren Stroh MS, CES,CPT-NASM

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