Practicing What I Preach

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You always hear the analogies of how the person in a specific profession is usually the worst case scenario in that field.  For example, the plumber usually needs quite a bit of plumbing work in his own house, the accountant usually needs to fix his own finances, and for me, the Corrective Exercise Specialist, well.., […]

Assessing Balance With Middle and Older Populations

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Any reputable fitness trainer that understands the importance of motor learning and proper arthrokinematic along our kinetic chain of movement, will understand that the importance of balance as the foundation to a strong and mobile human movement system.  In the National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal  Training program, it is the foundation that all fitness […]

How A Desk Job Is Contributing To Your Knee Pain

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It is without question when analyzing the workforce atmosphere, more and more of us remain sitting at an office desk for longer periods throughout the day.  A postural nightmare in regards to the human movement system.  This sedentary altered anatomical position creates a tremendous amount of neuromuscular dysfunctions in the Human Movement System that contributes […]

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The Importance of Our Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex: Our Body’s Primary Torque Central Point

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The role that the Lumbo-Pelvic –Hip Complex plays in the functionality of movement cannot be undervalued.  As mentioned by Clark and Lucett, (2011), there are between 29 and 35 muscles that attach to our lumbar spine or pelvis, which has a dramatic effect on the movement of the body above and below the LPHC region.  […]

Understanding Human Injury Cycles

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Looking at this ever growing sedentary positioning in regards to the Human Movement System, I believe that the foundation begins with the understanding of Neuromuscular Efficiency. . Simply stating, our bodies do not want to work harder than they are required to. This Neuromuscular Efficiency that is controlled by our Central Nervous System(CNS) recruits the […]

How To Correct Lower Extremity Impairment Syndrome (Knee Valgus)

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A very common dysfunction in the HMS occurs due to an individual who possesses dynamic malalignment of the hip and knee causing one condition known as Lower Extremity Movement Impairment Syndrome (Clark and Lucett, 2010).  Someone who possesses lower extremity movement impairment syndrome typically has a weak or underactive gluteus maximus and medius muscles that […]