Thank you for visiting, my name is Darren Stroh.  I am a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and hold a Masters Degree in Corrective and Rehabilitative Exercise.   As a CES, I specialize in helping people overcome muscular dysfunctions such as injuries, altered movement patterns and limited Range of Motion that are preventing them from living as strong as they possibly can.  My goal is to provide a source that allows people to learn and implement a Corrective Exercise Plan that will help create more freedom in their everyday activities.

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"We must understand that we rarely move in an isolated manner; but a series of interconnected movement patterns through multiple planes of motion."

Darren Stroh CES
"Anyone out there with issues physically, looking to improve their health, quality of life, movement patterns etc I would highly recommend Darren. I have known and worked with him for over 10 years and his expertise and knowledge is second to none."
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Chad Brooke
Trainer BC Gymlife
"This guy is the real deal! Best Corrective Exercise Specialist in the area!"