Optimal Muscular Force Is A Result of Optimal Neuromuscular Efficiency

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Joint dysfunctions that occur in the body begin by a breakdown in optimal neuromuscular control, which is comprised by three major components that occur simultaneously (Clark et al, 2011): 1. A normal length-tension relationship, which happens when the agonist has an optimal length that allows for the most actin and myosin attachments in the sarcomere […]

Why Foam Rolling Is So Important The Older You Get!

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Foam rolling, which has become more widely known in the exercise field as means of warming up, and recovering, is defined as Self Myofascial Release, or SMR.  Self myofascial release using a foam roller has grown in popularity in the exercise science field over the last several years as an effective means of therapeutic muscle relaxation […]

Corrective Exercise Important For Young and Old

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It is easy to see when talking with people in regards to Corrective Exercise for recovery or rehabilitation, people mostly assume that this profession focuses on those already in the stages of the injury cycle. Of course, this category of people can definitely receive the greatest benefit from re-establishing correct neuromuscular function along the kinetic […]