Video Tutorial: How To Correct Shoulder Pain/Impingement

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The following video tutorial will guide you through the Corrective Exercise Program to correct the neuromuscular dysfunctions leading to Shoulder Pain or Impingement. Returning the shoulder joint to proper arthrokinematic functions requires the return of the humeral head to fit centered into the scapula to allow for optimal movement around the shoulder joint and creating…...

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The Importance of Our Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex: Our Body’s Primary Torque Central Point

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The role that the Lumbo-Pelvic –Hip Complex plays in the functionality of movement cannot be undervalued.  As mentioned by Clark and Lucett, (2011), there are between 29 and 35 muscles that attach to our lumbar spine or pelvis, which has a dramatic effect on the movement of the body above and below the LPHC region.  […]

A Deeper Look Into the Ketogenic Diet and Performance

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The Ketogenic diet has quickly become one of the most highlighted diets in regards to weightloss, today.  From celebrities to athletes, promoting the benefits of reducing and/or eliminating carbohydrates in the diet, forcing the body to revert to only fat and protein for energy needs.  When this occurs, our basic human survival instinct is to […]