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I wanted to have a membership site to allow me the opportunity to help those that are making the commitment to better themselves and are willing to invest in that opportunity.  As a member, you will have access to exclusive content that has been the difference-maker in my life that took me from a sluggish 40-something dad to a mentally focused machine that get’s up everyday wondering how far I can push past my limitations that existed just the day before.  Here is the content you will have access to 24/7:
  • Online Corrective Exercise Tutorials:  I live the Optimal Performance Mode approach, which allows me to continue to lift heavy, run fast, and push my body each and every day.  Let’s face it though, we are all subject to common neuromuscular dysfunctions that lead to joint pain.  I have created a step-by-step video tutorial for the most common, such as Lower Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Anterior Knee Pain, and more.
  • Specific Blog Posts that I define as the “mental edge” since I believe they are not meant for everyone.  Average people will more than likely get discouraged or begin to make excuses, but I believe each of these posts are defining moments that allowed me to get to the next level.  I want to teach you that.  For example, topics include:
    • Why you never want to do “this” prior to the early afternoon…
    • The most effective way to burn fat and build muscle tissue in only minutes a day…
    • My “Awaken The Warrior” morning routine
    • much more!
  • “Ask The Trainer” is a forum that allows you to ask me any question that will help you overcome the obstacles you are currently facing
  • 30% discount off any of my online training services: assessments, consultations, programs and more.
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Before engaging in any physical fitness routine, it is extremely important to be evaluated by a medical professional for any possible health concerns that may contribute to injury, sickness, or even death.  DO NOT participate in the following programs if under the supervision of a medical professional without proper consent.  As a Certified Fitness Professional, your health and safety are my top priority, and I do not advise beginning my program without medical clearance.  Sisu Performance Systems LLC, nor Darren Stroh, make any claims in this program that promise to improve health, fight sickness, cure disease or the like.  By joining this program, you are acknowledging your acceptance of these terms and assuming all risks and liabilities associated with fitness exercise and release all liability.  If you experience any symptoms of pain, swelling, injury, or light headed or dizzy, stop immediately and consult with a medical professional.  By continuing and clicking on the agreement tab, you are certifying that you completed the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and are physically prepared to begin activity.