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#Morningmobility with 3 to 5 of these to start your day!

Not sure if there is a name for this exercise, if anyone knows of it, please comment below.  But the slow controlled movement is great for lengthening the posterior chain of the hamstring, glutes and latissimus dorsi.  This one exercise just does it all.  After a few arm circles and deep knee bends, this one exercise helps with the following:
  • Improves flexibility and mobility of the hip and shoulder joint
  • Improves strength of the intrinsic core stabilizers
  • Helps reduce lower back pain
  • Increases neuromuscular control for improved motor learning
Do not complete if any of the following:
  • instability in the shoulder joint
  • not able to perform a plank for 30 seconds
  • Under medical supervision

Perform 3 to 5 in slow controlled manner

  • Hamstring Stretch to touch toes
  • Hand walk out to plank
  • Glute Stretch with Side Leg Straddle
  • Leg Kick Out to Crab Pose
  • Overhead Reach to stretch obliques/hip flexor
  • Back to plank to hip flexor stretch
  • repeat on opposite side
  • back to plank to walk hands back to stand

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