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#HIIT40: Row, Dips and Pullups

Wasn’t easy, but I committed to getting up at 4am to workout before 5am.  Was easier than expected, since I have been telling myself to get up and exercise for at least the last 2 months, without success on even one occasion.  I guess I was just ready.  Now, the key is to do this for at least 7 days straight, which will create the workings of a new habit.  I’ve done it before, I know I can do it again.

This morning after my workout, I took off the dampened clothes and weighed myself:  223lbs.  Which is WAY too much for me.  I was 230lbs about 2 years back, but I feel my best being under 205lbs at 6ft even.  This was a little kick in the butt I needed.  I will remember this tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off.

Today’s workout:

  1. Warm up with dynamic flexibility (soldier kicks, broom stick stretches)
  2. 10 Rounds of the following:
    1. 150 meter row
    2. Alternating:
      1. Dips (until failure)
      2. Pull ups (until failure)
        1. rest only as needed, but the goal is begin the next set at about 50-75% recovered.  Approximately 1 minute each
  3. 10 minutes (100 calories) on the Elliptical
  4. 5 Minute stretch

My first round was completing reps around the 8-10 mark for pullups and 15ish on the dips.  The next rounds dropped the reps in pullups to the 3-6 range and dips to 8-12 range.

If you are interested in learning more about HIIT, make sure to check out my other post which explains it in a lot more detail.  Read here

A recap of the workout today:


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