Online Assessments


ParQ Questionnaire

First step is answering these health questions to help me determine if you are healthy enough to engage in any physical activity without the consent of a physician.

Health Questionnaire

Once it is determined you are able to engage in physical activity, a consultation will be required to understand any possible limitations or previous injuries that may be resulting in current joint pain/discomfort. Approximate time is 30 minutes. This can be done via web chat or call.

Recording of Postural/Movement Assessment

Through the use of my screening app, you will be instructed to image several postural positions (front, side, rear). In addition, you will receive complete instructions on how to perform specific movement patterns which require no equipment. Once completed, it will be privately shared to me to analyze altered movement patterns and postural dysfunctions.

Analysis of Neuromuscular Dysfunctions

Upon completion of the analysis, you will receive a personalized document that describes your altered movement patterns leading to neuromuscular deficiency and causing possible joint problems. Muscles that are weak and require strengthening and muscles that are overactive and need to be lengthened will be part of this analysis.

Corrective Exercise Program Provided

Once your Neuromuscular dysfunctions are determined, you will receive a 4 week program that provides you exercises to be completed several times a week, in each of the 4 stages of the Corrective Exercise Continuum as described by the NASM.