Regardless of your activity or age, we all have an OPM that will improve our muscular system to be stronger, faster, and have more mobility for every day life!

What Is OPM?

Optimal Performance Mode (OPM) is very much like an engine that has cylinders, firing back and forth that create power that enable the car to move.  Our muscle fibers have little cylinders, called Sarcomeres, and each one of these units are able to contract (shorten) to allow our bones to move against resistance.  Just as a motor that has a cylinder that is unable to fire results in loss of power, a Sarcomere that does not contract also diminishes our muscular force output.  These muscular “adhesions” that occur in the Sarcomere result from overstress to a muscle and in order to prevent further injury or damage, this unit will “seize” and lock up.  OPM restores each Sarcomere to its normal capacity to allow for optimal force output from that muscle fiber.


Throughout life, to adapt to variable stresses, we alter our basic movement and postural patterns, creating muscular imbalances both in posture and dynamic movement.

Strengthen Weakened Muscles

Under active muscles lessen the stability of a joint location, forcing adjoining muscles to become overactive to offset the muscular inefficiency that is occurring.


Altered movement patterns exist when our CNS draws upon other muscles to support our functional movement system when primary muscles are not adequate to meet the demands.

Functional Integration

Once all muscles are individually working at their optimal capacity, through Motor Learning our CNS can begin to recruit the necessary muscles to complete a joint action optimizing our force output.

Step 1


From a front and side image, our posture app can determine how aligned your posture is, and what effects this is placing on your spine.

Step 2


Completing an overhead squat assessment can determine what muscular dysfunctions are occurring in your human movement system 

Step 3


From my analysis I will be able to provide a Corrective Exercise Program that will correct the neuromuscular dysfunctions limiting your potential

Virtual Static Assessments

virtual dynamic assessments

corrective exercise programs(requires OSA)

Assessment Guide

Each assessment is completed thoroughly during normal business hours.  Please allow 24 hours to be contacted to complete required assessments and most programs will take 3-5 days to prepare.

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  • Sunday: 10AM - 3PM
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