Postural Assessments

You will be required to submit a full body image (clothed) that captures from the toes to the top of your head.  Both a front facing and side facing image is required to complete the assessment.  You may be asked to resubmit if an incomplete assessment result is obtained.  

Within 1-2 business days you will receive a 2 page report that provides the following information:

  • Measurement of head shift forward and to the left or right
  • Measurement of shoulder shift forward and to the left or right
  • Measurement of hip shift (posterior or anterior pelvic tilt) and to the left and right
  • Measurement of knee shift to the left and to the right

You will receive a basic Corrective Exercise Plan that addresses the most common muscular dysfunctions that contribute to your current postural distortion syndrome.  It is not a specific plan and does not claim to cure.  A Dynamic Movement Assessment is required.  This plan will highlight the 4 stages of Corrective Exercise:

  1. Inhibitory technique: learn how to complete Self Myofascial Release and what muscles you are to complete on
  2. Lengthening Technique: Learn what muscles require static stretching
  3. Activation Technique: what muscles require isolated strengthening and what exercises to complete to achieve optimal results.
  4. Integration Technique: complete 1 exercise that allows for multiple joint locations to respond and create a synergistic relationship of all working muscles.

You will receive access to online video tutorials and specific information that help you complete the outlined program.  Email support available 24 hours a day.