Video Tutorial: Shoulder Pain/Impingement


The following contains 2 separate Corrective Exercise tutorials for helping to restore proper length-tension relationships that exist around the shoulder joint.



Shoulder pain and impingement’s are very common among athletes, fitness fanatics, and even those who have to spend countless hours in front of a computer.  The shoulder girdle, consisting of the humerus, scapula, clavicle, the ribs, sternum, combine to create the glenohumeral joint, the acromioclavicular joint, the sternoclavicular joint, and the scapulothoracic joint.  This shoulder girdle allows for the greatest range of motion out of any joint location in the body, which creates the opportunity for potential shoulder problems that arise from repetitive overhead use and forward head and shoulder posture (Clark and Lucett, 2011).  With over active use of the shoulder joint, or static posture of the shoulders rounded forward, the humerus becomes internally rotated which decreases the space between the acromium, causing pressure to the bursa and the biceps tendon.  Overtime, this can damage the muscles of the rotator cuff, which support the shoulder joint.

A proper Corrective Exercise plan will help to restore a normal resting location of the head of the humerus inside the scapula.  The following video series will help correct this neuromuscular dysfunction.  There are 2 videos that help correct the neuromuscular dysfunctions contributing to shoulder pain.  One video is for posture related shoulder pain, the second video is for overactive use of the shoulder joint.

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