1. Virtual Postural Assessment


After completing the contact form below, within 24 hours you will receive an email that will contain all necessary forms that are required to be completed prior to receiving an assessment. An invoice for the services will also be included.

Assessment Instructions

Once all required forms are completed and returned, you will receive a set of instructions that will guide you through completing a postural/movement assessment to located your joint malalignments and neuromuscular dysfunctions.

Assessment Results

You will receive your postural/movement assessment results within 48-72 hours (dependent on current assessment load). Upon receipt of results, a free analysis overview is included that explains the results and what proper methods can be taken to help correct any dysfunction(Corrective exercise plan).

2. Body Composition Analysis

Body Fat Percentage

Determine your body fat percentage through our virtual body assessment program. This calculation will determine your approximate lean body mass and fat mass.

Body Composition

You will receive a detailed report that provides you your Body Mass Index (height to weight ratio), your waist-to-hip ratio, your Lean Body Mass, and your total fat mass.

3. Movement Assessment

Overhead Squat Assessment

The OSA will help determine what muscles in the Human Movement System are over active and tight, and what muscles are under active and require strengthening

4. Corrective Exercise Prescription

Determine Neuromuscular Inefficiency

Through the above assessments, I will be able to determine with high accuracy, which muscles are contributing to your altered movement patterns and dysfunctions in the Human Movement System.

Correct Neuromuscular Dysfunctions

Using the Corrective Exercise Continuum designed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I will design a program that corrects your muscular dysfunctions that are contributing to joint pain or a possible injury

Exercise Prescription

Each Corrective Exercise plan will have a video tutorial that guides you through proper exercise instruction to ensure each exercise is performed correctly, with minimal chance of injury.

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