Assessing Balance With Middle and Older Populations

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Any reputable fitness trainer that understands the importance of motor learning and proper arthrokinematic along our kinetic chain of movement, will understand that the importance of balance as the foundation to a strong and mobile human movement system.  In the National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal  Training program, it is the foundation that all fitness […]

Why is Understanding Kinesiology Important For Our Exercise Program?

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Kinesiology is the study of movement, and the science behind the movement of our body against forces of gravity and resistive external forces.  Kinematics deals with movement of the body without regards to external forces being applied to them(Neuman pg 4).  So looking at exercise design, kinematics does not represent a functional capacity for how […]

A Deeper Look Into the Ketogenic Diet and Performance

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The Ketogenic diet has quickly become one of the most highlighted diets in regards to weightloss, today.  From celebrities to athletes, promoting the benefits of reducing and/or eliminating carbohydrates in the diet, forcing the body to revert to only fat and protein for energy needs.  When this occurs, our basic human survival instinct is to […]

Optimal Muscular Force Is A Result of Optimal Neuromuscular Efficiency

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Joint dysfunctions that occur in the body begin by a breakdown in optimal neuromuscular control, which is comprised by three major components that occur simultaneously (Clark et al, 2011): 1. A normal length-tension relationship, which happens when the agonist has an optimal length that allows for the most actin and myosin attachments in the sarcomere […]