TRX Suspension System: Top 5 Reasons To Own One For In-Home Fitness

One of the most popular questions I receive is “what’s the best piece of fitness equipment I should get for my home?”  It doesn’t take me long to answer that if you are looking for a single piece of fitness equipment that does everything you need to get a balanced and effective workout, the TRX Home Suspension Training System is the best for it.  (Disclaimer)To all my readers, I am not receiving any direct compensation from TRX, I am an affiliate which does pay a commission if you order from a link on my page)  But I am not hesitant in stating that since this is a product I own, I train my clients on, and I recommend any chance I get.  So I have come up with my 5 top reasons for why everyone should own one of these! (Video included as well) 

Reason #1:   Progression

    1. The whole premise behind exercise and the human body specifically, is about the ability to apply stress to the body, allow the body to adapt to the stress, and become stronger so that it requires less work to overcome the exact stress that was received.  So exercise is about the ability to apply stress to our muscles, and through our Central Nervous System and other Physiological adaptations, overcome that stress and be stronger for when that stress is applied to the muscle again.    Since the TRX is a suspension training system, our body uses gravity as its resistance and positioning our body that uses more or less body mass against gravitational pull, alters the amount of force our muscles have to overcome.  As our body adapts and becomes stronger, we can position our body so that more body mass is required to move against gravity, increasing the difficulty of the exercise.

Reason #2:  Muscle Recruitment

    1.  Muscle recruitment is the ability of our Central Nervous System to send a response to the appropriate amount of muscle fibers and the right amount of force to overcome a resistance.  The more force required, the more muscle fibers we will recruit.  This precise response prevents us from lifting a pen off the table and throwing it through the ceiling.  Exercise to be well-balanced and help prevent future injuries, it is critical that as many muscles are being activated during a given exercise.  Using traditional machines that operate in a fixed plane of movement (chest press machine) will typically involve less stabilizer muscles and possibly synergistic muscles, being that the machine is defining the plane of movement, not the human body.  When we move against resistance, our muscles are involved in 1 of the 4 roles of muscle contraction:
      1. Agonist: This is the largest muscle that is creating the most amount of force.  (ie, the quadricep when we extend the knee)
      2. Antagonist:  This is usually the largest muscle that opposes the agonist, that must “relax” or eccentrically contract to allow the agonist to perform its function.  (ie, in the above example, the hamstring would be the antagonist)
      3.  Synergistic: This is a smaller muscle contracting to help assist the agonist in performing its function.  (the anterior deltoid is assists the pectoralis major when performing the chest press)
      4. Stabilizer:  These muscle isometrically contract, however do not provide movement, since their role is to stabilize a joint.  (The rectus abdominus isometrically contracts when performing a push up to stabilize the pelvis

Reason #3: Functional Movement

    1. “Functional Training” has become a popular buzz word, which in the fitness world, it means exercising in a manner that mimics everyday movement.  Exercise selection becomes about replicating activities performed throughout the day, and applying additional resistance to make us stronger performing that.  Functional Movement is our ability to move throughout multiple planes of motion.  Sagital, frontal and transverse are 3 planes of motion that involve the flexion/extension of a joint, the abduction or adduction of a joint, or moving along an axis point such as twisting.  A Functional exercise would incorporate more than one plane of motion being involved.  Since you are rarely just seated as you perform an exercise on the TRX, you are typically moving through multiple planes of motion allowing you more effectively to strengthen your body for every day activity.

Reason #4:  Mobility

    1. Even though the TRX benefits the human body in mobility and movement, I am referring to the ability to take the TRX system anywhere you go, and you can still get a complete total body workout.  Put it in your suitcase to travel, you can take it outside and hook it around a strong tree branch, or anywhere that has a strong support.  It is the most complete mobile friendly gym you can own!

Reason #5:  Value

    1. Let’s face it, for a single piece of equipment that allows you to squat, press, rotate, curl, extend and all combination of the aforementioned, that costs under $200, you can’t go wrong!  Not to mention, the tough nylon straps are made to last.  I know personally I have had mine for over 5 years, and they have been through war with myself and clients, and they still operate as if they were brand new.  I don’t have to lubricate, tighten, replace or any service issues on these.  If you don’t own a set of the TRX Suspension Training kit, you have to order one.  Of course, I would love if you click my link to their page if you found value in this information.

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